100 days of Mind & Belly


mind and belly

The 100 days of Mind & Belly project is born!!! 

What is it? It is a way for me to connect my mind (awareness) with my belly (my subconscious). At the same time the images created through this project will be shared here on my blog and on social media for the next 100 days in order to connect with others’ Mind & Belly! 



Where am I at?

Today I had this assignment for my self: Where I am at with The Project? And how the blog fit into it? What affirmation can I create for my blog?

I went through my journal and it has been quite a journey! I started with the what: I wanted to do an art installation. I knew that it was about connections, strings,etc.. Then I went into sculptural project about nest. But I found myself in a place that didn’t like. So I went back to the why and the original concept of Connection. Then I went into quantum physics, entanglement,etc.. That brought me to the idea of internal connection, within yourself. And an external connection with nature. So I came out with the metaphor of the tree. We are like it, in the sense that we have roots deep down into ourself (subconscious) thanks to whom we get lymph. The lymph goes through the trunk (awareness) and then become leaves and flowers and fruits (artistic expression or expression in general).

So I am at the point in which I am looking for a balance between the external world and the internal one.

More in specific: how do I stay connected with myself? How can I connect with people from the belly (subconscious way, not rational)?

So the blog comes in as a journal of this amazing adventure. My blog documents my Subdrawings, that is my daily connections with “the belly”. And documents also my “rational” speculations about my discoveries during my research.

So an affirmation for my blog could be: I write about the belly and the mind.

The Awakening

I started reading Eckhart Tolle’s book A new Earth, awakening to your life’s purpose. It’s incredible how many concepts are resonating with my own practice and work. Or maybe not. It’s not a coincidence if I am awaking now and many other people are. As the author says it is the right time. It’s a time where there are no more rigid religious institutions (at least in the West) that have the monopoly over spirituality.

We are starting to discover our own heaven. And that was Jesus’ original message: heaven is inside yourself. Change your self and you will live in a new earth (=the reality out there).

But what struck me the most was the introduction. He talked about flowers. They were the first thing in human history to not have a practical purpose. They were just beautiful. They were a window to our own beauty, to the formless. We as plants, can blossom and get to the “enlightenment”.

The connection with my work is incredible. Eckhart even used the same metaphor!! In my words: when we align our roots (subconscious/formless) to our trunk (desires/thoughts) we blossom beautiful flowers (our presence in the reality/expression). Amazing!

The author goes on explaining how we, humans, have a dysfunction. We always knew that. The Buddha called it dukkha, suffering, Jesus called it sin (its original meaning, “missing the target”, has been distorted by the translations), etc,… Fears and hatred and all the negativity come from the same place. Tolle believes that this place is the ego. This book is about “awakening” from being unconscious of our identification with the ego since we were babies. This realisation will automatically make us conscious of the ego and finally abandon it.


It’s a technique that I developed at the end of last year. The first drawing is dated 27th November 2014. I was inspired by Enrique Enriquez, an artist from New York, featured in the documentary Tarology. He reads tarots and every kind of sign really, in an intuitive way. That made me wonder if I could read my own “signs”. Signs made by my own hand when I draw without consciously thinking of what I am drawing. That way I can tap into my subconscious. They say that we use around 10% of our brain. My drawings are made by the rest 90% of my brain 🙂 I then interpret my own drawings, this time using an analytical approach.

I want to go a bit deeper with this blog. I want to document the process and the feeling. I want to understand if I can tap into my depth with or without the drawings.

I have been using Subdrawings when I had doubts about practical things. I want to know my subconscious believes about the matters. This drawing is an example. I always start with a question and keep that in mind while I am drawing. Here the doubt is about my scooter. I had to bring it to the mechanic because it wouldn’t start. Bad news: the damage is worth about $800!! So the question is simple: “How do I feel towards my scooter?”. I would usually ask a more specific question but this time I decided to try a more generic one. This is the drawing:SubD 1

I believe that anyone would see different things. That’s because, unless it’s a clear and recognasable image or sign, we all have different experiences in life and different nuronal connections. So the following is what I see.

My interpretation:

on the left hand side a bird looking figure. It seems almost at an embryonal stage, it’s body looks like a larva or caterpillar. It has a helmet with the number 46 written on it. I recognise my self in the caterpillar-bird. I am usually in all my drawings. I recognise my self thanks to hints. This time is the helmet (I ride a scooter) and the number 46 (my favourite motobike rider is Valentino Rossi and his number is 46). On the right hand side I see my scooter. It is in a vertical position, like on a wheely. I am holding onto it with my right wing. But at the same time I see my self handing my scooter out. I am wearing the helmet of one of the fastest man on a motorbike in the world. I feel ready to change. The scooter served me well, but it’s time to change (from caterpillar to butterfly). In my left hand side I have a sort of crab claw. Am I ready to grab my new motobike?

What was my feeling when I was drawing and interpreting?

While I am drawing I am not thinking of anything. I only see the aesthetic of the lines, I am in the present. I am not thinking what I am going to draw. I am not in the past because I am not interpreting what I already drew. I am whatching the line being drawn and that’s all really. The only thing I think of is the question, but it sits on the background.

When I feel that the drawing is finished I put it on a stand. I feel that I have to put some distance between me and the drawing. It is time to be more rational and use the 10% of my brain 🙂 But it’s very important the feeling that I have when I feel that the drawing is complete. How do I know if the drawing is finished? I feel a sense of completion. It’s hard to describe, but afterall it’s the same feeling that you have when you are doing something and then suddednly you realise that is enough. You’ll know it.

While interpreting, intuition is important too. So I keep an open mind because I am trying to spot as many recognisable signs as I can. They can be obvious (the bird and the scooter) or harder to detect (the claw). Then when I have all the signs in place I try to understand the meaning of it. Remember this is not reading the future. This is a process to understand what your subconscious “thinks” about a certain matter.

At this point a doubt could arise: there are at least two valid interpretations of this drawing. One is that I am holding onto the scooter. The other is that I am handing it over. One basically means “don’t let it go” and the second “it’s time to change”. So they contraddict each other. How do I know what to choose?

Again this drawing has been made by your hand and your mind. You know what is the real interpration. You already know but somethimes you don’t want to accept the anwer. I know it’s hard to let my scooter go and spend money on a new or second hand motobike, but I know that that is the message. The look on the bird is not a happy one (it looks like shocked). And I was shocked. But I know that it’s time to let it go.

The tree is aligned

drwing tree copy

Yesterday I was on the tram and I saw a tree. How many times you see a tree and don’t actually see it? Well yesterday I saw it! And something clicked. I saw the trunk and the leaves and the branches. But then I imagined the roots. And bam! It clicked right there. It’s the image I was looking for to align the subconscious with the conscious mind. Ok, let’s step back.

So, briefly, we all know that we have a subconscious mind, right? (thank you Sigmund!). And we all know that we have a conscious mind. Now when the two are not aligned we are unhappy. Eg: we really want to be rich (conscious desire) but somewhere in our subconscious there is the belief that we will never be rich. There it is a misalignment!

But when the two are aligned a flow of energy channels into the reality and the universe. So I drew the picture above (left hand side) to make it clear. But when I saw the tree I realised that it was the perfect example of what I was trying to represent. The roots represent the subconscious (hidden under the soil). The nutrients are extract from the soil and channelled into the trunk (that is naturally aligned!). From the trunk (consciousness) the lymph goes into the branches and from there to leaves and flowers (=reality but also what we are projecting into the future!).

That is why I was so happy to see the tree from the tram 🙂 !!!

Through my work and life I am personally trying to align my trunk with my roots. But what we generally miss in this natural equation is the branches and leaves and flowers. We could potentially have amazing and thick branches but we are satisfied with one or two green branches. I will go more in depth in one of my future posts but I’ll briefly explain what I mean.

We grew up in a society that mainly thinks in cause-effect terms. If something happens today the cause must be in the past. In reality everything changed last century when a terrific group of superheros…sorry, of scientists discovered how classic physics doesn’t apply to the subatomic world. The deeper we go into reality the weirder things get! An example is the “Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle”. Basically we can’t do any experiment with subatomic particles without affecting their behavior!! I am still surprised how all these amazing discoveries didn’t change our perspective on the world! Yes, because what Heisenberg discovered is that our consciousness is affecting the reality! Yes because guess what is the universe made of? Exactly, subatomic particles!! Consciousness is not just an abstract concept, it is a practical and concrete thing!

So, Nadin, what all this has to do with the tree?

Oh, yes, so basically we are affecting the reality. But practically that means that we are creating our own future! Time and space are part of our universe. The universe doesn’t distinguish if it’s future or past or present. It is our brain that, through the evolution and to make sense of the reality, created this vision. So we think that a certain cause created a certain effect only because we can see it before our eyes. But what we are doing is exactly the opposite. Our consciousness (that is a real thing, remember!) is creating negative or positive thoughts, fears or desires,etc.. and all of this is affecting the reality that will be (Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle + Universe doesn’t distinguish time). The Universe doesn’t distinguish between negative and positive either so it will realise whatever thought was most prominent in our mind. Booooom!!! So it’s what we throw into the future that is dragging us towards it and not what we did in the past that is pushing us!

Here it comes the analogy with the leaves and flowers. You can have amazing and thick branches, but that is up to you. You project and throw your desires into the universe/future. But careful, only if they are aligned with your true subconscious believes they will be strong enough to blossom!

I have explained all these concepts very briefly. The book where I found all these infos is written by Fabio Marchesi, an Italian physicist but unfortunately there is no English translation. But I will find something similar in English 😉 

Happy thoughts!!!


“What I am doing now, I will be doing it in the future”

scanned trees small

What I mean by that? I mean that if I react negatively to a situation now, I am setting up a series of reactions in the future that will be similar when a similar situation will happen. That is because our brain is designed to survive. If we survived in that situation reacting that way then it is most likely to react that way the next time and so on. And it will be very hard for us to change unless someone else is pointing at it.

It is like building train tracks. If you are building them in a direction where the terrain is not even then your train will have a hard time . If you build good tracks it’s good for your future journeys 😉

So isn’t it best to react with positivity?

Example. I am working on a project (CP3) and my tendency is to be completely absorbed in my work. But this makes me anxious and I am so eager to get to the end that I can’t seem to enjoy the process. I found that a certain point I lost the joy of working. So what is the solution? Should I keep working no matter what I feel? (Un)Luckily I had two weeks of a virus that gave me fever whenever I felt stressed. That meant that I couldn’t be anxious. I found that whenever I slowed down and I was aware of my movements and lived in the present moment the fever wouldn’t arise.

The fever taught me how to enjoy more the present moment!! So going back to my point if I live the present moment now while I am working I will most likely do it in the future!